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Exclusivity choice per item

Not exclusivity per account, but per item. Much more intuitive, no need of several accounts, better user experience, no linking between accounts, no more confusion. More thoughts in Tim’s thread: http://videohive.net/forums/thread/why-i-want-an-exclusivity-choice-per-item-not-account/62630

Creattive 1 Added 2 years ago
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Like button

I’d like to have a “like” button underneath each item. Users must be logged to be able to click this button, and each user can only click it once. There could be a most liked items section (which is not necessary the same as most…

abstract-labs 2 Added 2 years ago
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Notification bar

It would be really helpful to have a notification bar, it can notify users of many events like: New comment on items (for authors) New reply to a comment (for buyers) Item update Update/item approved New rules or new most wanted competition Processed withdrawals Rating…

User 2 Added 2 years ago
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Bundles Tab

I think there should be a tab for bundles, where there will be all kinds of bundles It will make it easier for the buyers to find them and also might boost the sales as bundles are cheap and attracts many buyers for example, i…

IngeniousArtist 1 Added 2 years ago
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Developer License

More geared towards Codecanyon, but a suitable license for distributing code/items in other stock marketplace items – what extended license + written permission is currently covering. A buyout license would be nice as well.

Crusader12 1 Added 2 years ago
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Shopping Cart!

We need a shopping cart where users can set number of licenses and buy multiple items at once. This benefits everyone and has high priority. Furthermore, with a shopping cart, many more things are possible, like collaborations between authors. Example 1: A wordpress theme requires…

Creattive 0 Added 2 years ago